Jazz Mass Jazz Mass (c) Garth Woods

A Celebration of Spirit
Church Service - No Admission Charge

The Reverend Karen Nickels -worship leader
The Reverend Sherry Blackman - liturgist
Bill Cohea - liturgist emeritus
Mark Kirk - conductor
Teresa Marino - choral director
Bob Nickels - choral coordinator
Michele Bautier - vocal soloist
Dennis Carrig - vocal soloist
Bonnie Childs - vocal soloist
Nelson Hill - saxophone
Pat Turner - saxophone
Jay Rattman - saxophone
Eddie Severn - trumpet
Jonathan Searfoss - trumpet
Sean McAnally - trumpet
Vanessa Jacob - trumpet
Sam Burtis - trombone
Dan Magan - trombone
Spencer Reed - guitar
Skip Wilkins - piano
Paul Rostock - bass
Bob D'Aversa - drums
Ed Hudak - percussion
Bud Nealy - percussion

The JazzMass Choir
Christine Armstrong
Ken Aulicino
Mary Jane Aulicino
Trudy Austin
John Aveni
Debbie Booth
Bonnie Childs
Betsy Clark
Jim DeNora
Constance Fowlkes
Jackie Flynn
Fred Gardner
Victoria Genteel
Nancy Gould
Kevin Herron
Joe Holbert
Jason Leon
Stacey Leon
Kayla Marino
Carol Matthews
Suzanne McCool
Bob Nickels
Diane Pallitto
Don Prytherch
Sandy Rader
Andrea Reiter
Kimya Sessoms
Arline Smeltz
Robin Lively Summers
William Stine
Barbara Vanderslice
Ray Vanderslice
John Weiss
Ann Yale

“This stunning composition is a tribute to the bonding of the many facets of this rural area. No prudish Puritanism created barriers; rather all segments worked toward a synergism that is remarkable in a time and age of countless divisions. COTA is proud to preserve this very special component of our annual celebration, for it is a true reflection of the creativity, artistic intervention, talent and energy found in our little community and its neighboring environs.” - Robert Lehr, COTA 1995

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