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Educating the next generation of musicians is a time-honored tradition in the art of Jazz. COTA established the COTA Cats in 1981 through the efforts of Phil Woods, to inspire and mentor local area high school musicians in the fine art of big band performance. Patrick Dorian, Professor of Music at East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania, organized and directed the group through its first 20 years of existence and the Cats have become an integral part of the COTA festival.

Nearly 1,000 have by now gone through the COTA experience – learning to swing in COTA Cats or to improvise at CampJazz, which are life-skills never forgotten and ever useful in the real world. Hundreds of COTAlums are musicians and teachers regenerating this sharing process – giving it back.

This year’s COTA festival proudly presents the 34th edition of the COTA Cats directed by accomplished area music educators (and some COTAlums) Lance Rauh, Tom Fadden, Ryan Curchoe and Katye Clogg. Each COTA Cat receives thirty-plus hours of free instruction and interaction with professional musicians and composers. A majority of the music performed by the band is commissioned by the Celebration of the Arts, and features compositions by well-known composers/arrangers, COTA Cat alumni, and current COTA Cats.

Thomas Fadden
Lance Rauh

Ryan Churchoe
Kayte Clogg
Host School - East Stroudsburg South High School

Big Wig
Composed by: Bill Potts Arranged by Lance Rauh 
A Child's Blues
Composed and Arranged by Phil Woods
Easy Money
Composed and Arranged by Benny Carter
First at Lancaster
Composed and Arranged by Wolfgang Knittel
Half Past 2 O’Clock Funk
Composed and Arranged by L. Tyler Williams
Composed and Arranged by David Springfield

William Mullen
Mitchell James
Vishal Forde
Bryan Cowan
Erika Torres
Benjamin Burch
Nikki Nordmark

Jason Feakins
Aaron Aguiles
Jonathan Searfoss
Alexandra Stangle
Reannon Zangakis
Andrew Sorten
Marcus Bearfield
Greg Gilberti

Charlie Peeke
David Lukan
Shannon Rosser
Alan Carey
Chase Bartholomew
Michael Preston

Stephanie Fritz

Jonathan Williams

Sam Torley
Curtis Jaeger

Tyler Williams
Patrick Cronin

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