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2016 COTA Patrons

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Please consider becoming a 2016 COTA Patron.
A tax-deductible gift of $10 or more helps COTA continue to present the best local jazz festival.


Celebrating our “neighbor” Phil - Carol Dorshimer & Ralph Bond
John & Kathy Aveni
Don & Carol Matheson
Karen & Bob Nickels
Anita and Steve Davis "In memory of Allan Hecht
In memory of Phil Woods--Bev Streck
In memory of Richard Chamberlain and Dick Chamberlain - From Steve and Janet (Chamberlain) Fisher
Bob and Sally Dorough - To the Founders!
Ed Berger - In Memory of Phil Woods
Diane and Jim Pallitto & the Jazzy Cats and Dogs
The Tremblay's
Skip Wilkins
James Buckley - 
In memory of Phil, Rick and Eric
Pat & Terry Gaughan - In honor of the incredible "Unholy Trinity
George Graham 
Love is the Answer, Always! Nicholas, Megan, Brielle, Hannah, Joshua and Jamar
Dear Rick, Phil, and Ed- Thanks for the dream of COTA and the many years of music and merriment! Darcy, Lauren and Emelia Chamberlain...Doug, Cherilyn, Ryley, and Lorna McCoy...Melissa and Michael Billingsley...Jessica and Mark Tressler
David and Bonnie Childs - In Memory of Jazz Lovers - Bob Hartman, Bob Napoli, Don & Dottie Weightman 

The Big Band - Section Leaders 

In memory of Joan Kaiser, Kate Leary, Debbie Frable and Tommy Frable Roxanne, Bruce, and Madison Antonowich
Ed and Joni Oye-Benintende
The Goodwin Clan & Max the Cat
The Carroll Family In Memory of Don & Dottie Weightman
Jan Selving & Rick Madigan
In loving memory of: Helen and Gil Foster and Nancy C. Coyle
Lynn, Alia and Kevin Johnson

 The Players

Pete Grice
Lauren Chamberlain and Shannon McDaniel
Gray Girl and Clyde
The Security Brat Pack
Len Pierro
Olivia, Nancy and Spencer Reed in memory of Arlene and Russ Savakus
The Dellaria Family in memory of our loved ones
Val & Jeff Higbee
The Baader Bunch
Walter Bredel—Consummate friend for 40 years! Pat & Terry
Gerald "Gary" Lambert
Eileen Noelle Photography
Ron and Jane Davis - In memory of our daughter, Sarah

The Chorus
Miss You Kanga, it will never be the same
Roger, Anna, and Monica Bet
Anita Bondi Designs/Susan Bradford Art
Barbara and David Lantz
Connie, Duane, and Christian Walck
Laurie Harriton - 
In memory of Peter Phillips
Hobo Chic~ Curious Goods 48 Main St. DWG
Wayne and Ruth MacWilliams
Mary and Patrick Dorian
Tim Helman and Mary Hayes

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