Monday - July 6: Vienne, France
Wednesday - July 8: Lugano, Switzerland
Thursday - July 9: Cascais, Portugal
Friday - July 10: Porto, Portugal
Saturday - July 11: Wigan, England
Sunday - July 12 : North Sea Festival
Monday - July 13: Molde, Norway
Tuesday - July 14: Molde, Norway
Wednesday - July 15: Perugia, Italy
Thursday - July 16: Torino, Italy
Saturday - July 18: Bayonne, France
Tuesday - July 21: Madrid, Spain
Wednesday - July 23: La Spezia, Italy
Friday - July 24: Pescara, Italy
Saturday - July 25: San Sebastian,Spain
Sunday - July 26: Ibiza, Spain

"The luggage call was for 5 a.m., bus departure at 5:30, and we were going somewhere. I don't remember where, but I remember Pat Dorian. He was paying his hotel extras when I came down to the lobby. I said good morning and asked how he was. His reply was illuminating: 'I'm living the dream!' he said. Thanks to Pat and all the good men who helped to make my dream come true as well! I have always wanted to take a big band to Europe during the summer festival season. The following is Pat's superb view of this event." - Phil Woods

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