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04 June 2014
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Letter to Joubert 37

Another year shot to heck! How are you Ed?

Our annual local constant has rolled around again - our 37th jazz picnic. Lots of action on the jazz front this year. We completed our second Celebration big band CD for Chiaroscuro Records and sales while modest are consistent. One of the perks of that project are our regular ‘last Monday of the month’ rehearsals at the DHI. This event has fostered great interest and gives me and other arrangers a chance to write and hear new music. Some of which we will play today!

As I get a little closer to the head of the line I wonder occasionally about your after-life experience. How’s the ole man? Does he have an old lady? Is she cool? Can you get on-line and does he do email? Do you have cable and do you watch Colbert, Jon Stewart and John Oliver? Do you have an I-pad? How’s the food? What’s the guest room situation? - Christmas dinner must be a blast, Easter not so much would be my guess. Drop a line when you have a moment. Come to think of it eternity must be chock full of moments n’cest pas?

The family is well. Number one son Gar and his family are a delight. Just gave grandchild Christopher a clarinet. Start the kid off with the “Agony Stick”. Jill continues to amaze me with her energy. I never leave the house and Jill is never home, but thankfully one of us is working. Jill is the best and I love her very much. Allisen and Rocky and my other grandson Chase (he has a flute) continue to delight. Rocky works in our office and is a welcome helper when I have a chore that is beyond my grasp. (There are many!) His sister Mariah has received awards for her organization using Skype for families with Alzeimer’s victims. If you know of anyone suffering this horrendous affliction go to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. for help and information. Kim is fine and is singing her big heart out. Sadly she lost her brother Baird but I am sure you already knew that. Give him a kiss and hug for us.

Music biz is quiet. Life is full of sound. I continue to squeeze the Lemon of Life to the last drop. My memory is fantastic but extremely short. Well that’s my story and I’m sticking with it. Time to brush my tooth, put on my COTA T-shirt and get on with it.

Time marches on and I am double-parked.

Phil Woods