Kenny Luckey

What being a COTA meant to me..
Being a COTA Cat was undoubtedly the most influential contribution to my musical career. During my time with the COTA Cats, I gained a great amount of experience that helped me not only with lead playing, but with performance skills overall. I met many great people, teachers, and musicians and made friends that I know I'll keep for the rest of my life. Not many people can say they recieved help from Dave Liebman, Phil Woods, Ken Brader, Eric Doney, Jim Daniels, or any other giant of the music industry. Working with Mr. Glaser, Mr. Rauh, and Mr. Fadden was an amazing experience. Their patience, knowledge, and guidance is unmatched. I'm extremely grateful for all the help I recieved and I'm very thankful for my two years with the COTA Cats.
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