Day 11: Tuesday, July 14


L-R: Steve Gilmore, Phil Woods, Bill Goodwin & Tom Hamilton


Phil's friend Anton did something beautiful. He asked a friend of his to take some of the band on a cruise around the islands on a 49-foot boat that sleeps eight with a satellite tracking system, and the remainder of the band on a smaller, faster boat. Now, no one will blame the reader if this scenario conjures up visions of the scene in the 1975 film One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest where Jack Nicholson and the rest of the escapees from the mental institution steal the large fishing boat. No way! The band was quite well behaved except for two verbalized questions: "Doesn't this thing go any faster?" and "Is this all we're going to do, just ride around?" A spirited joke-telling session was held in the main cabin between Phil, Bill Charlap, Steve, Jeff, and Anton. It was a real treat for the band and Anton and his friends were warm, cordial, and wonderfully hospitable. Survey says!!! . . . hang rating: 10.

Carlos Santana was the headliner in town this evening, and while waiting for his ride to the performance, he sat in the lobby of the hotel flashing the 1960s two-fingered peace sign for fans with cameras. That night at the jazz club in the hotel, Phil began Goodbye Mr. Evans with a gorgeous and artistically constructed cadenza. Midway through it, he was competing with some severe crowd noise. He stopped playing for a few seconds, leaned over to a microphone, and stated, "I can hear you. Can you hear me?" and immediately continued. Makes you wonder why the talkers spent all that money to attend. Closed mouths and open ears might help. Why attend when you're going to get in the way of the presentation? Hang rating: 4.93.

Whenever Phil would call up Repetition, the alto tribunal of he, George, and Jesse would be featured soloists. Jesse, one of our accomplished COTA Cat alumni (COTALUM), in his mid-twenties and a recent graduate of the University of Miami, always sounded quite seasoned, coming from a different direction than Phil and George (Lee Konitz, perhaps?).

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