Day 4: Tuesday, July 7


The Phil Woods Big Band in Lugano, Switzerland.
(aka the COTA Festival Orchestra)

L-R of ensemble: Bill Charlap, Steve Gilmore, Phil Woods & Bill Goodwin.
Front row: Tom Hamilton, Jesse Heckman, George Robert, Lew DelGatto & Jim Buckley.
Center row: Evans Dobbins, Jeff Galindo, Kevin Haines & Jim Daniels.
Rear row: Brian Lynch, Ken Brader III, Paul Merrill, Pat Dorian & Ed Hudak on percussio


The band rode the bus six hours into Italy, bypassing Milano and heading north past Lake Como into Switzerland. Paymaster and straw boss Bill Goodwin handed out U.S. currency (more discussion about greenbacks to come) and percussionist Ed Hudak took photos through the bus window at the rate of six per minute. The band watched the videotape of the previous night's performance. Upon arriving at the hotel on Switzerland's Lake Lugano, several of the band members checked into rooms with lakefront balconies and were treated to a double rainbow over the lake. A good omen for the rest of the tour as we had the night off. A vast majority of our breakfasts and dinners were covered by the concert promoters in each city, but on a night off we were supposed to fend for ourselves. Tour producer Jordi stepped in and bought the entire band dinner. He didnít have to do that. Agents often get a bad reputation because of dishonesty by a few. Jordi has been actively pro-musician for decades. Phil tells a lot of stories of how Jordi was the first agent to make sure bands were fed. Heís a considerate person who puts himself in the musicianís shoes. He knows that musicians love to hang out and have a good time and Jordi is often the instigator of these great hangs. As a matter of fact, thanks to Jordi, this dinner received a hang rating of 10 by the band!

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