Ilijah Denny (2014 COTA Cat Scholarship recipient)

Ilijah DennyFor me, being a COTA Cat has meant more than being chosen to be in this group and playing high level music. Although that is a part of it, it has been like an extended family outside of my school's own music program. In the three years that I have been a part of the COT A Cats, I have continually met new and interesting people, both clinicians and Cats. Some of my closest friends have come out of being a member of this organization, and I know that I will never forget that. Being a Cat has also been another reminder in of itself to excel and keep working on my musicianship. I always remember the quote "A good player practices until they get it right, and a great player practices until they can't get it wrong." That alone keeps me going some days, and I realize that it was groups like COTA that have helped to foster my work ethic and make me into the young man that I am today.

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