Kara Edelheiser, Piano

Participating in the COTA Cats was one of my most enriching experiences in my early musical career. I met numerous people with different lifestyles and backgrounds, but all unified in the appreciation of jazz. Each individual was extremely talented, which led to such an outstanding result. All three of the directors were very helpful and made each rehearsal unique. They displayed such a love for what they were doing, and this truly satisfied my decision to study music education in college.

The input from the clinicians taught me a lot as well. Different techniques of approaching the music were introduced to me. Many different aspects of my "musical horizons" were broadened. It was also a great joy to play with Phil Woods and Rick Chamberlain. Both of these men are very talented, and it was a pleasure for me to meet Phil Woods for the first time.

I almost wish that my time with the COTA Cats had lasted longer. The comradery between each of the musicians was profound. The talents shared have taught me so much. On the day of the concert I was awestruck by our performance. It was the best that we had ever played, and it gave me chills. Even more thrilling was the fact that we were playing on the exact same stage as countless other professional jazz musicians. I truly enjoyed this experience, and I thank you wholeheartedly.

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