COTA Jazz Mass CD

COTA Jazz Mass
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It’s still tradition – “You goin’ to the Mass? Who’s singing? Who’s preaching?” – part of COTA, part of the Community, part of the Gap, part of who we are as musicians, performers and listeners.

It’s been nearly twenty years since the Mass was recorded, a good time to revisit that musical and spiritual achievement. Here is a re-mastered (aurally and visually) Jazz Mass. On the new CD package is available as well as all the original liner notes – and for the first time – scores and parts for sale.

We at COTA are grateful for all of your support over the years and may this re-release re-new the “Celebration of the Spirit in the Gap.”

Rick Chamberlain - August 2014


1. Prelude 3:23
Composed by Wolfgang Knittel

2. Call to Worship 5:21
Composed by Rick Chamberlain
Featuring Rick Chamberlain, David Ellis & Nelson Hill

3. Confession 3:25
Composed by David Ellis
Featuring Jerry Harris & Spencer Reed

4. Prayer for Illumination 4:15
Composed by Wolfgang Knittel
Featuring Pat Dorian & Nelson Hill

5. The Temptress Song 6:35
Composed by Rick Chamberlain
Featuring Michelle Bautier, Rick Chamberlain & Pat Turner

6. The Gospel Song & Response 5:13
Composed by David Ellis
Featuring Richy Barz, Michelle Bautier, Bob Dorough, David Ellis & Spencer Reed

7. Psalm 149 3:01
Composed by Mark Kirk
Featuring Michelle Bautier & Phil Woods

8. The Meditation 4:21
Featuring Reverend William H. Cohea, Jr.

9. All The People Said Amen 1:34
Composed by Rick Chamberlain

10. Loch Ness Monster 8:48
Composed by Wolfgang Knittel
Lyrics by Evangeline Johns
Featuring Ann Yale

11. Pieces of 11/8 3:00
Composed by David Ellis
Featuring David Ellis

12. Passing of the Peace 4:18
Composed by Rick Chamberlain
Featuring Michelle Bautier, Jerry Harris & Spencer Reed

13. Alleluia 7:15
Composed by Wolfgang Knittel
Featuring Rick Chamberlain, Bob D'Aversa, Nelson Hill, Wolfgang Knittel, Tony Marino & Pat Turner




jazzmassinsideThe Reverend William H. Cohea, Jr. – Preacher
The Reverend Karen Nickels – Liturgist

Jazz Artists Repertory Orchestra
Wolfgang Knittel – Conductor & keyboards

Guest Soloists:
David Ellis – trumpet, flugelhorn
Bob Dorough – vocals
Phil Woods – alto sax

Vocal Soloists:
Michelle Bautier
Jerry Harris
Ann Yale

Richy Barz – baritone sax, flute, clarinet & bass clarinet
Nelson Hill – alto & soprano sax, clarinet, flute & alto flute
Pat Turner – tenor sax, flute, clarinet
Patrick Dorian – trumpet, flugelhorn
Ralph Hughes – trumpet, flugelhorn
Jonathan Searfoss – trumpet, flugelhorn
Dan Wolfe – trumpet, flugelhorn
Rick Chamberlain – trombone, euphonium
Jim Daniels – bass trombone, tuba
Spencer Reed – guitar
Tony Marino – bass
Bob D'Aversa – drums
Ed Hudak – percussion
Bud Nealy – percussion

Robert C. Hartman – Conductor
Pauline Fox – Rehearsal Accompanist
Marilyn Amori
Renee Amori
Trudy Austin
Susan Booth
Susan Cooper
jazzmassinside2Carol Courtwright
Eloise Mial
Tammara Neal
Elaine Siptroth
Ellin Tutrone
Ann Yale
Pam Bauer
Kim Best
Bonnie Childs
Carrie Childs
Beulah McConnell
Teresa Marino
Andrea Reiter
Sarah Toten
Barbara Vanderslice
Ada Zugel
Dennis Bell
Charlie Cole
Jeff Cooper
David Learn
Scotty McIntosh
Frank DiSimoni
Fred Gardner
Steve Howell
Dick Kuhn
Kenneth Lee
Wallie Richardson
Bill Stine
Bob Tutrone
Ray Vanderslice

jazz mass studio

Recorded & remastered at Red Rock Recording, Saylorsburg, PA by Kent Heckman
Originally released by Pacific St. Records – Eric Doney, Producer
Photographs by David Coulter | Illustration by Tom Mann
Re-released by COTA 2014 | CD Design by Jonno Rattman

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