Are pets allowed?
No, sorry.
Can I take a bus from New York City?
Bus service is available between New York City and Delaware Water Gap. The round-trip fare is around $70. Information and tickets here: www.martztrailways.com
Is there only jazz at your festival?
The festival was founded on the principal of bringing jazz to the Poconos so yes, it’s an all jazz festival, but…..every once in a while we get a little freaky and throw in a closing band with a little more rock or blues feel for the dancing folks.
Why are the tickets so expensive?
The COTA fest offers two days of world reknowned musicians at a bargain price. If you check out some of the other festivals you will see that our prices pale in comparison and we offer a great deal more. Our goal is not to make money but to keep arts in the community and continually support jazz and our local artists. We are a non profit organization and return our proceeds to the community.
Can I videotape or record the festival?
COTA strictly forbids recording devices of any kind without permission.
What can I bring?
Most people bring either a blanket or small back chair(so as not to ruin other people’s view) as it is an outdoor festival. Coolers are allowed but we ask that you keep it to a minimum because we have such great food we don’t want you to miss out on it.
Can I bring my kids?
The festival site has a built in kids area with arts and crafts, children’s music, storytelling and facepainting.
Is there food?
We have a concession area featuring some of the fine establishments and our local non-profits in the area that all serve food on site. From hot dogs to crabcakes, sandwiches and gyros, and the best baked goods in the area.
Why not: pave the concession area/terrace the hill/move the stage?
Since we own no land and must obtain yearly permission from three property owners, it is impossible to do more than minimum improvements. The concession area belongs to Castle Inn Development and the Toll Bridge Commission, the hill and the street is the Borough’s and the stage sits on land owned by Castle Inn Development. All these property owners kindly lend us their spaces for the festival and we are very grateful to them for doing so.
Why not hire some musicians who do not live in the area, like: (insert favorite big name performer here)?
The Celebration of the Arts was started by local musicians Phil Woods and Rick Chamberlain with businessman Ed Joubert and the Delaware Water Gap Chamber of Commerce. We do not pay the musicians their regular fees and would not have the budget to include anyone who wanted more than the small per-day honorarium each musician receives. The musicians are essentially giving the community a gift, as are our many volunteers. Aside from the scholarships and commissions we provide every year and over 100 musicians (some playing both days) we have services for which we must pay such as: piano rental, sound and lights, electricity, phone, postage, printing, etc. We rarely make a “profit” and, if we do, these moneys go to local arts organizations, the Borough Park and other not for profit organizations.
Why not sell beer and wine at the concessions?
Most of our concessionaires are non-profit organizations and do not have liquor licenses. Alcoholic beverages are available across the street at the Deer Head Inn.
Can you provide parking closer to the festival?
The parking lots we borrow for festival days are all owned by businesses in the Gap, who kindly give their permission for the use of their property. All festival parking is free (if you pay for parking you are not parking in one of our “official” festival parking lots) and within 1/4 mile of the festival area. It is possible for everyone but the driver to be dropped off before parking the car.
How do I become a performer at the COTA festival?
Performers are by invitation only but we welcome new and upcoming bands for consideration. The Delaware Water Gap Celebration of the Arts only presents bands that are affiliated with the local area. Please send a press kit, restricted to jazz only, to Post Office Box 249, Delaware Water Gap, PA 18327. We get many inquiries per year and cannot respond to each one. We can not deal with managers or booking agencies as the small per-day honorarium we can pay is not a normal fee.
How do I become a concession vendor?
Unfortunately the waiting list is long, but we are always looking for new and exciting products for the festival. Please use the contact page to e-mail the appropriate committee head. For general inquiries e-mail: info@cotajazz.org